Most Useful Plants to Own

If you find yourself in possession of a myriad of garden pots but no plants, then it’s time to act. There’s no reason to own that many planters if you don’t do anything with them! However, many people are put off by the thought that plants are not functional. You can’t play with them like a cat or walk them like a dog. Instead, you have to feed and water them, and that’s it.

However, according to professional landscapers that’s not to say that plants will not serve a purpose in your life. Of course, they always do – given that they produce oxygen, but they can also be useful in other ways. Find out below what are some of the most valuable plants to own.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera could easily be one of the most beneficial and useful plants to include in your home. Not only is it small, taking up minimal space in garden pots, but it requires minimal care for the number of benefits it has. You can use it for taking care of rashes, inflammation, cuts, burns, sunburn, and more. Almost anything that impacts your skin, aloe vera can help with.

Snap a leaf in half, dab it on your skin, and carry on with your day. Aloe vera also doesn’t require much maintenance or watering to keep it alive and thriving.


Every kitchen needs a pop of colour with a live plant, but not any plant will do. You may like to find a lovely garden pot, then choose a plant that can end up serving a purpose during the cooking process. Parsley is effortless to grow and can also prove useful in a range of meals. You can use it in a marinade for steak, add it as a garnish, include it in egg dishes, or infuse it into your dressing and sauces.


Mint is another one of those versatile, fresh, and easy-care plants that can be suitable for a range of cuisines and dishes. When you buy a garden pot and set it on your kitchen counter, it can also add so much style and flair to the area. Then, with minimal care, it will keep producing mint you can use in your cooking.

Add it to hot or cold soups, dress a salad, put it in your tea, use it as a garnish, the list goes on. If you want a useful plant to put your new garden pots to use, mint should be near the top of the list.

Bamboo Palm

You can’t eat bamboo palm, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. This plant is one of the most effective for filtering your air. If you want nice, clean air in your home, then it’s an excellent option for your new garden pots.

Almost every plant will be useful, but it’s up to you to work out which holds the most benefits for you. Consider these above.