How To Safely Move Your Plants To Your New Home

Safely Move Your Plants

When you are moving to a new home, presumably you will hire removalists to help you, and while they will do all they can to ensure everything goes according to plan, there are many aspects of the move where you will need to play a more significant role than them.

One of those is if you wish to take plants with you from your current home to your new home. With the moving of plants to a new home, it is not just a matter of loading them onto a removal truck and hoping that by the time you see them again at the other end, they will all still be blooming, and intact.

After all, you will no doubt take great special care with your bone china tea service, and best crystal brandy glasses, when are moving to your new home, so you should certainly be as vigilant with your beloved plants.

Here are some helpful tips and hints on how you can ensure your plants’ journey to their new home is as trouble-free as hopefully yours will be.

The first thing you should be doing is to give your plants a bit of spring clean by way of pruning them. Not only should you be doing this regularly anyway by pruning off dead leaves as part of keeping them in top condition, but you will also be reducing the amount of debris that the plants might create whilst they are being transported.

Staying with good housekeeping as it relates to your plants, you should also look to remove any weeds, dust and other debris which might in around the plants and their pots.

Next, you want to carefully inspect all your plants for any signs of unwanted parasites and insects. Even if there is no sign of any, it is good practice to spray them anyway prior to them being moved.

This ensures that if there any parasites or insects, they are not spread from one plant to another while they are placed together in the removal truck. It also prevents those unwelcome guests being transferred from your current home to your new one.

Now that you have given your plants a bit of TLC, you now want to do a bit of removal work, but not from this home to the next, but from whatever pot they are currently in, to a new pot. These should be the plastic, lightweight pots that you can purchase from gardening centres, or larger supermarkets.

The benefit of using these pots is two-fold. First, they are obviously easier to move given that they weigh less than ceramic pots, for example. Also, when it comes time to move, you can wrap protective material around these pots much more easily than other types of pot.

If possible, you should place your plants into moving boxes so that they are given additional protection while they are being moved. These do not need to be a specific type of box, as any old box will do, as long as it is robust, and the plant’s pot will fit into it.

Finally, you may be tempted to water your plants on the day of your move, but you should not. One, it makes them heavier to carry, and second, there is the risk that the water may leak from the plant pot and damage other items that are adjacent to them.